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CopperDeckII by pixtudio CopperDeckII by pixtudio
Part of the CopperDeckII suite, wich is a tribute to Ryan Lacdao, an artist that allways influenced my work. Have fun! =) (Smile)
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maffy Featured By Owner May 2, 2016
Just reinstalled WindowBlinds on my refurbed laptop which runs W7, so good to have my favourite themes back! Pixtudio and CopperDeckII are still my favourites.By the way, CPII Iconpackager skins work fine with Windows 7 :happybounce: 
trykey Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
Inconspicuous54 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
one question: i was unable to find the settings for the widgets.
I am assuming that the widgets are a separate process and I was hoping you could point me in their direction as you had skinned them so nicely.
Der-Richter Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
Definite favourite. Just fantastic.

Best Regards
poisoned-hopedbliss Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005
CD never looked so good

RunaHisoka Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2005
yes i would like to know, how does one get all the super cool extras liek the cursors and icons and stuff, i had to dig for the user pic (found it while i was lookin for the walpaper) but its like, not in the zip file, do you knwo where i can get it?
Herr-Major Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2005
How can I get that clock that you have in the upper-left corner? O_O
Shadowbreedz Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005
I am so in love with this :excited: Awesome work!!
Nimphious Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2004
Dude, found a bug, when a window is not maximized or minimized (normal), the maximize/restore button contact is bigger than it should be and it is cevering half of the minimize button, and the max/res button doesn't highlight when you go over it when it is restored. Other than that, sweet man. :+fav:
NicoG Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2004
Nice theme! Question though, how the hell do you get that clock???
JacobFoster Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004   Writer
I love this skin. It works so smoothly and you can even make windows a simple bar like you can do in a Mac. Great work. *fave*
Amitron Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2004
Im sorry i just posted but also how do i get the wallpaper??
Amitron Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2004
Okay, First of all it looks far. I installed the suite, i think, but something has gone wrong. Everything in my browser continues to bounce, i do not have the custom cursor, i do not have the custom cursor and a few other things. But the attention needs to go to my browser "bouncing" as it is insanely annoying. Please help.
VanessaUsedToLive Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003
i've been using this theme a year long and i'll keep using it :)
vyth Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2003
this is slick man nice job
2GoOd4YoU Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2003
2 words: Holy **** I have the copper_deck2 on right now... but DAM!!! That is VERY, VERY NICE!!!!
jawaab Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2003
WOW WOW * a trillion its lovely work, LIKE it a LOT GREAT JOB, simply incredible!!!
thaken Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
really nice!
techstudio Featured By Owner May 23, 2003   Interface Designer
cool skin! using with CopperDeck cursor it looks great!! +fav
mikero Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003
Awesome! This is just what I've been looking for, I already downloaded the Copper Deck II logon screen skin for XP and I customized my desktop colours to go with it but I'm totally gonna change to this, its amazing!
lolly Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
This whole suite is amazing. I love the orange and the smoothness of it. It also makes my Mozilla browser look fantastic!
jimmerz28 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002
YES! Now I can have something to match these kick ass cursors I have!

gr1dl0ck Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2002
This is probably my favorite of your themes; good contrast between the bright classy orage and the darker grey, and the windowborder is very very cool.

well done

modifacation Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2002
+favs for sure
modifacation Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2002
Great work!

:D (Big Grin)
agneva Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002
One of my Hottest skin...!

very Cute...Orangey... I really like it.... u'r always attractive..

come on more...
bedoughty Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
Um, this is the first winstyle theme I've tried to download, I've also downloaded the windowblinds theme but when I apply it in winstyles I don't get the wallpaper. I haven't registered any of these skinning programs as I'm just testing them out now. Do I only get wallpaper in the registered version? Tried finding it here at the site but came up empty handed. Thanks for helpin a noob out.
-freak- Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002

I love treetog.

;) (Wink)

This is a great improvement on an already excellent skin. I am actually going to go get sysmeter because that looks so damn cool.

Too bad my start menu doesn't look that good. Win2kPro apparently doesn't allow for skinning it quite that extensively...(or maybe it is WB XP)
cadis Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
also, the quick launch icons are too big for the buttons they are on, or is it just my comp?
stotty Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
Clap The colour combination is very well thought out, graphic work superb, All the latest additions are heading toward my desktop for a good old play, thank you.
dza Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
This is the shit... but how do i use the icons and cursors? do i need a separate program? Confused
lilfrog Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HELL yes this is my next skin.
-cassius- Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
Materful. Using it right.... now :) (Smile)
cadis Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
This skin is AMAZING!
+fav instantly, but also, can you make it into green so it goes with my green background? wait, but then it wouldn't be copper...maybe moss deck?
oh well
awesome skin, but I noticed that when you go to the program menu through the start menu, the "Programs" button goes to the highlight color
is this just this skin or is it windowblinds?

Mad ass props on the skin and also getting most downloaded at wincustomize or whatever that site is.
titanpsp Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
Thanks once again Renato! These skins are just awesome. Love the colors and smooth glass style. I agree with John the sysmetrix skin is a beauty. Any chance of you or someone making a winamp 2? If not I may attempt one for personal use.
steves Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
treetog is the best!!
silverhammer Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A masterpiece indeed... finally i have something to switch to from MIIG.
I just love the combination of orange and dark grey and the overall sharpness of this skin.
Now to check out the other skins of the suite :) (Smile)
ubu Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
I am not one for plastic-looking skins, but this is really something. I will give it whirl! (Thanks for the cursorXP, too).
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
I love the glossy look of the buttons. Another treetog masterpiece.
abh0rsen Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
would absolutly kill to have this as a StyleXP skin......too bad im a mindless looser and dont know how. Beautiful work nevertheless. Much as would be expected. Tis damn near almost enough to make me wanna use WB again. Rock on Death!
honz12 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002
Now this is what you call an update! =]
I saw it on your site and my jaw hit the ground. Amazing work. The sysmetrix skin is my fav.
splat Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
As a whole, this is amazing. Love your work! =) (Smile)

PS. The clock in the upper left is my favorite part of this set.
vichy Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2002
Great work as usual! =) (Smile)
----josh---- Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2002
This whole suite is absolutely incredible. It's always the way, I think I've got my desktop just so, and then another work of art comes along :-) (Smile)

I'd love to see a Visual Style port of this ;-) (Wink)

Keep up the awesome work.
jark Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2002
uNF! its orange!!! love the way that you've designed this baby renato. glad to see that you're back at it with yet another masterpiece!
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