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Sage by pixtudio Sage by pixtudio
Updated to Windowblinds4 (including the new toolbars feature). The wonderfull wall is Hydra Promo by Nuvem. Have fun! =) (Smile)
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poisoned-hopedbliss Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
looks beautiful - just beautiful

great job
trancenochador Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
I'm in love with the sage style since i saw the LS version, excelent work, again: I love It!!!!!!!!
;) :thumbsup:
binhut Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2004
thank u ,i like it very much:)
zarlock Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004
Great skin, I think I will stick with it for a long time now. :)
krap Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2004   Photographer
I real all of your comments, i agree with all of them.
However.. do you not respond to comments? or maybe just very busy.
I only wanted to ask for the kickass mouse cursor that goes wonderful with it.

love this.
Satans-Child Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2004
I believe the cursor is CopperDeck cursor ... and yes, I know this is late but I just saw it.
tonare Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
This looks beautiful on my monitor's.
Killer job.:) (Smile)
tokenloony Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2003
Very, very VERY nice
greymatter Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2003
Can anyone tell me what program is used to load these windows blinds???
and what program is used to load the awsome icons(is it theres one...)

by the way exellent work :D (Big Grin)
kidkenobi Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003
excellent job treetog, but where do i get the icons and cursors from?
mitsuhiro Featured By Owner May 1, 2003
SCOOP> You need to download windowblinds here: [link]

TREETOG> No bites can describe this. Absolutely amazing.
rod-louzada Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2003
meu... que trabalho vc deve ter pra fazer isso... :O (Eek)

admiro pacaramba teu trabalho!

belas cores e excelentes detalhes! ;) (Wink)
scoop007 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2002

i dont know how to use it as my theme!!!

How do you do it?
daylesoares Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2002
the orange on dark blue and silver is a real good combo
one superlative song
existance its price..

pcmacman Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2002
I'm going to have to say how much I really like this skin. Most WB skins rotate off my desktop every few days, but I've kept this one here for quite a long time. Keep up the great work!!!
ryan-c Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2002
Great deviation, like the look!
wan Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2002
this is great man! great work.
stuckshut Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2002
This is awesome, but I need it in all blue. So, I hope you don't mind, but I'm changing all the orange gradients to blue gradients. That way everything will be the same... Blue winamp, blue Trillian, blue Xp yay :) (Smile)
jark Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2002
i dont know if this is just me but on Windows 2000, running WB3 with this skin, clicking the "minimize" button anywhere from the middle of it on down actually performs the winshade mode rather than minimizing the skin.

:: jark
aeon-x Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2002

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xirk Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2001
It doesnt get much better than this! Another fine skin by treetog.(as if we'd expect anything else) ;) (Wink)

-freak- Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2001
this skin is great! the treetog - essorant - dangeruss battle for my desktop continues.... ;) (Wink)

great use of color here. and there's even some 'grippy bits' ! ;-) (Wink)

thanks for posting this.

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bikerboy Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2001
I like the orange n blue how they really go well and the tube thing goin is swEEt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
goldenchild3k Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2001
Amazing colors... I was in the process of making a WA2 skin with colors similar to this. =D (Big Grin)

goldenchild in the works
tecknominded Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
treetog great peice of work. you should make a icq skin. attention devart staff this skin should get ds.

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antisleeper Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2001
right thats it i gota find my xp CD and upgrade. bye bye win2000

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i hear Batman caught jark Clause with a Trout under a Christmas Tree getting a little I AM HORNY!!! this is not offical
thefrankster Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2001
very nice but for me the minimize button doesnt work right, i have to click the area between the minimize and maximize. if i click on the minimize it does the rollup.... anyway to fix this and is it just me?
delici0us Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2001

_// delicious ++

iMike Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
this is amazing ... i love your style mr treetog ... great stuff ... clean and sooooo sleek as usual ... good job!

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wipeouter Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
Damn it man, where do you get all your inspiration from?

J W O R X - Flatness Forever
khoa Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
man great stuff as always. i just wish my computer had enough memory to run winblinds or xp. damn 64mb! :o (Eek)

attila Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
This is a very well designed skin, but I have one issue. I think the minimize button area needs to be adjusted. If you click in the general area of the minimize button, it uses the rollup function, if you click slightly above the button itself where the cursor turns into the vertical resize cursor, it then minimizes the window. weird.

Other than that Treetog, this is a magnificant skin and the font chosen is perfect. I however, wish this came bundled with a more color/design appropriate wallpaper, however, that can always be done client-side. moO! Nod

Attila (Vince) ::
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stylez Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001

this is very nice looking
although i dont like window blinds
this is cool
nice color pick
warfish Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
wow! great skin... i thing i should download those windows blinds... :) (Smile)
alexmc Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
Don't ever quit making skinz, ever!!!!
Your work is just awesome!!!

I would really use this skin if i used windowblinds.

Why don't you adapt this skin for stylexp, i would love to see it :P (Razz)

hydra Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
A Christmas gift from Santa Treetog! :D (Big Grin)
risblaque Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
Cool Menus. :) (Smile)

Happy Holidays
silverhammer Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everytime i see a new skin of yours im just plain stunned about them... this one here is no exception :) (Smile)

8-) (Cool) Cool-Minded 8-) (Cool)
abh0rsen Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
mmmmmmmm.........treetog goodness

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vichy Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
Wow...awesome!! Nice colors (love the orange buttons)! Great work, dude! :D (Big Grin)

manni Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001
Wow, a perfect christmas present from
you. Sage and LunarBase are the perfect
answer for some guys at
I would love to see a Sage suite, especially a Hoverdesk theme.

ingrave Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001   Writer

.:Alien Christmas infinite possibilitiesAlien Christmas :.
vizionier Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
really awesome work as usual.

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flexoutlaw Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
Standing ovation! Another masterpiece treetog... One just can't say enough good things about the work you do. Another classic
sasso Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
Wicked! Now this is what I call a Christmas gift, thanks treetog!

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sezmra Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
*cry* *bows with worship* :P (Razz)
I, too, just love the amber... mmm.
______ ____ ___ __ _
shadowfuri Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
Another great work treetog. I also see a DS coming.

[-:s h a d o w f u r i:-:]
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china Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
Just another wonderful wb from Renato!
I love the amber buttons!

*Krazy Kat peeking through a lace bandanna*
mojomonkee Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001
excellent skin treetog! if i used windowblinds or XP i'd dl it for sure!

endosage Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2001  Professional Interface Designer
Dammit... Jark beat me... disregard the commenting status... I feel so bad... heh.. oh well... it's still good!

.;endosage;..; ner.html
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